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The Historical Society of Hudson is dedicated to preserving and keeping the history of Hudson, NH alive.

Our Mission

Since our opening in 1966, our Society has been dedicated to the preservation of Hudson’s historical artifacts and stories. We aim to give back to our community while including lessons of Hudson’s vibrant history. Both our Society and historical museum are located at the “Alvirne” Hills House on Derry Road. Alvirne is the former summer home of Dr. Alfred K. Hills and his family. The home was built in 1890 by Dr. Hills for his wife, Virginia. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Historical Tidbits

Kitchener’s Cabins

In 1955  Kitchener’s Cabins on Route 111 in Hudson advertised as follows:  one-half mile from Benson’s Wild Animal Farm, heated cabins, radios, showers, continuous hot water, fishing and boating on premises, novelties, souvenirs, and swimming at Ottarnic Lake! Arthur Kitchener, a Hudson resident, received a permit from the Town in 1947 to build a set…

Hudson’s First Police and Fire Chief

Police and Fire Chief Harry J. Connell (left) and Deputy Harry Emerson spend some idle time in the old police office on Ferry Street.  Mr. Connell was a member of the Police Dept. from 1913 and its Chief from 1921 until 1946.  He also served as a member of the Fire Dept. from 1912 and…

Post Office Sq. Central St. c 1900

A view of Central Street from Post Office Square at the bridge c 1900.  On the hill  we see the Baker Brothers Store, Cumming Brother’s Shop, and the Methodist Church (now the Community Church).  In the foreground to the left we see the watering fountain.  Walking across  the square are pedestrians coming and going to…


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