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The Historical Society of Hudson is dedicated to preserving and keeping the history of Hudson, NH alive.

Our Mission

Since our opening in 1966, our Society has been dedicated to the preservation of Hudson’s historical artifacts and stories. We aim to give back to our community while including lessons of Hudson’s vibrant history. Both our Society and historical museum are located at the “Alvirne” Hills House on Derry Road. Alvirne is the former summer home of Dr. Alfred K. Hills and his family. The home was built in 1890 by Dr. Hills for his wife, Virginia. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Historical Tidbits

Derby’s Restaurant and Trailer Court

This restaurant and trailer court was tucked away at the end of Ferry Street just before the bend in the road where Burnham Road begins.  Probably remembered by just a handful of Hudson residents! George and Marion Derby opened their dairy bar at the end of Ferry Street in March 1950; advertising the best food…

Lowell Road Then and Now

We visit 74 and 76 Lowell Road. Since the mid 1960’s we have seen major growth and change occur along Lowell Road.  This site at 74 and 76 Lowell is no exception! This week we look north from Birch and Lowell onto 74 and 76 Lowell Road.  Prior to 1966 74 Lowell Road was home…

The Many Names of Hudson

Hudson has 5 founding dates or birthdays! 1673DunstableMA1733Nottingham MAMA1741District of NottinghamNH1746Nottingham WestNH1830HudsonNH Dunstable, Mass was founded in 1673.  Most of the land contained within the present boundaries of Hudson was included within Dunstable, the exception being about 4,600 acres in the northeast part of Hudson which was then a part of Londonderry.  In the early…


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