Ride Around Town

Interested in a historical tour of Hudson? The Genealogy and Research Committee of the Hudson Society is documenting a series of self-guided reasonably short trips, each of which covers a particular area or segment of our town’s history. Each trip has a written narrative which can be downloaded onto your own device as used to guide you during the trip. Once downloaded the narrative has a ‘hot-links’ to sections of RememberHudsonNHWhen.COM for further information. These links are optional and do require internet access.

Trip 1 – South-east corner of Hudson including site of 1st town meeting and first town center near the Musquash reserve.

Trip 2 – Hudson Center and the general area around the Hudson Center Common and parts of Greeley, Kimball Hill, and Windham Roads. In particular it shows the site of the railroad station and the steam railroad tracks through Hudson Center.

Trip 3 – Is a walking tour starting at the SAU Building on School Street and continuing towards and around Library Park.