Kitchener’s Cabins

In 1955  Kitchener’s Cabins on Route 111 in Hudson advertised as follows:  one-half mile from Benson’s Wild Animal Farm, heated cabins, radios, showers, continuous hot water, fishing and boating on premises, novelties, souvenirs, and swimming at Ottarnic Lake! Arthur Kitchener, a Hudson resident, received a permit from the Town in 1947 to build a setContinue reading “Kitchener’s Cabins”

Hudson’s First Police and Fire Chief

Police and Fire Chief Harry J. Connell (left) and Deputy Harry Emerson spend some idle time in the old police office on Ferry Street.  Mr. Connell was a member of the Police Dept. from 1913 and its Chief from 1921 until 1946.  He also served as a member of the Fire Dept. from 1912 andContinue reading “Hudson’s First Police and Fire Chief”

Post Office Sq. Central St. c 1900

A view of Central Street from Post Office Square at the bridge c 1900.  On the hill  we see the Baker Brothers Store, Cumming Brother’s Shop, and the Methodist Church (now the Community Church).  In the foreground to the left we see the watering fountain.  Walking across  the square are pedestrians coming and going toContinue reading “Post Office Sq. Central St. c 1900”

Scrapbook of Susan Helen (Marshall) Parker

In August 2022 we received a large scrapbook kept by Mrs. James Edward Parker (Susan Helen Marshall) which chronicles the first 25 years of her oldest son, Edward Marshall Parker (1895-1974).   This family lived at what is now 16 Derry Road here in Hudson.   The scrapbook, his memory book from the Farwell Funeral HomeContinue reading “Scrapbook of Susan Helen (Marshall) Parker”

Derby’s Restaurant and Trailer Court

This restaurant and trailer court was tucked away at the end of Ferry Street just before the bend in the road where Burnham Road begins.  Probably remembered by just a handful of Hudson residents! George and Marion Derby opened their dairy bar at the end of Ferry Street in March 1950; advertising the best foodContinue reading “Derby’s Restaurant and Trailer Court”

The Many Names of Hudson

Hudson has 5 founding dates or birthdays! 1673 Dunstable MA 1733 Nottingham MA MA 1741 District of Nottingham NH 1746 Nottingham West NH 1830 Hudson NH Dunstable, Mass was founded in 1673.  Most of the land contained within the present boundaries of Hudson was included within Dunstable, the exception being about 4,600 acres in theContinue reading “The Many Names of Hudson”

Tragedy at Ferryall Field

Two Well Known Residents Died Instantly Sunday, June 17, 1928 George “Chappy” Lennox, was a 24 year old licensed aviator with a recently purchased American Eagle type plane. “Chappy” and the plane were set to fly and provide passenger rides over the Hudson/Nashua area. Kathryn Thomas was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin ThomasContinue reading “Tragedy at Ferryall Field”

Cold Blooded Murder

A very sad event occurred in this town June 14, 1873, in the cold-blooded murder of a beautiful, promising, Christian young woman, which cast a gloom over the entire community. A happy family, residents of a humble home in the north-east section of the town, comprised Charles Wood, his wife, Louisa (Cummings) Wood, and twoContinue reading “Cold Blooded Murder”

The Back Lowell Road

The Back Lowell Road Kimball Webster devotes an entire chapter to “Highways and Biways” in his book. Many of the roads he discusses have been discontinued. This is a 1913 map of Hudson from his book with the “Back Lowell Road” highlighted. ‘Laid out October 15, 1749, three poles wide. This road began near theContinue reading “The Back Lowell Road”