Cold Blooded Murder

A very sad event occurred in this town June 14, 1873, in the cold-blooded murder of a beautiful, promising, Christian young woman, which cast a gloom over the entire community.

A happy family, residents of a humble home in the north-east section of the town, comprised Charles Wood, his wife, Louisa (Cummings) Wood, and two daughters, Ella F., nearly twenty-one years of age, and Emma E., who was in her twentieth year.

A young man, William H. Jewett, who had no steady employment, but who traveled upon the road a portion of the time, selling goods in a small way, had become acquainted with the family, and very much attached to the elder daughter.

He was very persistent in pressing his attentions upon her, and continued to do so for a considerable period of time. Finally, acting in accordance with parental advice, the young lady rejected the ardent wooer. He immediately became desperate, and on that beautiful June day, having come to her home prepared for the deed, he discharged his revolver at her point blank. The bullet entered her forehead and passed through her brain.

From the same weapon he sent a second bullet into his own head. He died from the wound two days later, while his victim lived just one week after the fatal shot was fired. She died on June 21, 1873.

This was a stunning blow to the unfortunate family, from which they never fully recovered.

Excerpt from the “History of Hudson NH” by Kimball Webster. 1911 Granite State Publishing, Manchester NH. Page 390.

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