Derby’s Restaurant and Trailer Court

This restaurant and trailer court was tucked away at the end of Ferry Street just before the bend in the road where Burnham Road begins.  Probably remembered by just a handful of Hudson residents!

George and Marion Derby opened their dairy bar at the end of Ferry Street in March 1950; advertising the best food cooked and served the way you like it!!  

From Ruth Parker:  A few years back I talked with my cousin Ray Parker about Derby’s.  Ray and some of his high school friends had a small band.  One day this group stopped into Derby’s, got talking, and as a result Mr. Derby offered them a place to practice.  After all, it might help his business!  For the next few months this group practiced and played at Derby’s.  Ray found some old derby hats in his attic; thence their name became “The Derby Hatters”.  This group contained 5 guys: Ray Parker on the drums, Dave Thompson at the piano, Wilford Boucher on the base fiddle, Lewis Carter with his sax, and a friend from Nashua on the trumpet.  According to Ray, they did not play very long, nor did the dairy bar remain in business for long.

According to Manning’s Hudson Directory, Derby’s Dairy Bar and Trailer Court remained in business until 1954.  That location became Moore’s Trailer Park and more recently Merrifield Park.  It was located at the end of Ferry Street just before the name changes to Burnham Road. 

Photo courtesy of Gerry Winslow and now a part of the Historical Society Collection.

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