Scrapbook of Susan Helen (Marshall) Parker

In August 2022 we received a large scrapbook kept by Mrs. James Edward Parker (Susan Helen Marshall) which chronicles the first 25 years of her oldest son, Edward Marshall Parker (1895-1974).   This family lived at what is now 16 Derry Road here in Hudson.   The scrapbook, his memory book from the Farwell Funeral Home (1974), and other family history notes donated by Fred Parker of Scituate, MA.  Fred was a nephew of Edward M. Parker.  

The scrapbook is very well documented and has excellent photographs and graphics.  It covers his birth, pre-school years, schooling at Webster School, attendance and graduation from Nashua High School, enlistment, and service in World War I.   After returning home from the war, he and Grace Phillips of Hudson were married in Hudson, May 7, 1921.   Within a year of marriage, they purchased and moved into a home at 14 Lincoln Avenue, Nashua.   Here they resided the remainder of their married life. Grace died in 1946.  Edward continued to live in their home passing in 1976.   Both Edward and Grace are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Nashua.

The scrapbook includes an 1895 photo of 16 Derry Street, and a 1922 photo of 14 Lincoln Avenue, and documents and photos of his years at Webster School and Nashua High.   Included also are photos of his parents, his grandparents, and great-grandparents on both the maternal and paternal lines.

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